Golden Age Adult Day Care of Bowie, Inc
Golden Age Adult Day Care of Bowie, Inc

Our Services: Living Almost Like at  Home

Whether it's helping with the little things of daily life as a senior citizen or a high degree of attention - we care about our participants and making them as happy and comfortable with us as possible. Sensitivity, respect, and understanding all shape how our qualified and dedicated staff deal with participants, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship.

     Overview of Our Center and Nursing Services

Medical Adult Day Care

The facility staff and care provided by Golden Age Adult Day Care of Bowie enables our participants to lead a more active lifestyle, avoid loneliness and the depression of social isolation in their senior years. Your family is able to create a balanced world of work, play and family responsiblity.


Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

Because people who suffer from dementia in their senior years need special attention and help - our care staff is well equipped with specialized training for these unique needs.  Safety of all participants is our top priority.


               Who Will Benefit

Participant living with a caregiver unable to provide full-time care


Participant that is home-bound needing a secure place with stimulating activites


Participant with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease


Participant recovering from stroke, heart attack or other debilitating health problem






We are happy to assist, you can contact us at:


Golden Age Adult Day Care of Bowie. Inc.
3112 Belair Drive

Bowie, MD 20715


Phone:  (301) 262-3900


(TTY/HCO) 1-800-735-2258

      Hours:  730 am - 6pm

           Monday - Friday



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